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Lock Shop is an on-campus lock industry that specializes in the installation and maintenance of locks and key control systems. Lock Shop is located on the University of Maryland campus, and students wishing to engage in lock-shop work can apply to work at their facility. Students interested in learning the ins and outs of key control systems and how to protect themselves and their property from theft can take courses at Lock Shop as well. This engaging and beneficial campus-based training program will teach students how to quickly become competent with the tools needed to effectively manage a lock shop environment, as well as how to avoid making common mistakes that can easily be avoided by those who choose to work in this field.

Lock Shop offers a wide range of services for the University community to include the installation and maintenance of locks and key control systems. These services include but aren’t limited to, the installation of new locks and key control systems, but do not limit themselves to these tasks. Lock Shop also offers security consultation and training for students, faculty and staff who are considering installing, maintaining or enhancing any security system on-campus. These consultations are offered by an independent consultant, and in some instances Lock Shop employees will act as security consultants for a company on an on-site basis.

The majority of Lock Shop employees are college students who are preparing to enter the lock industry upon graduation from their course of study. Lock Shop is a friendly, yet somewhat odd setting. Upon entering lock shop, one feels as though they are in an adult film or comedy movie. The atmosphere is usually full of laughter and friendly banter between the employees and students. Lock Shop is also known for its pranks and “insider” tricks which make the working atmosphere a bit more cozy and enjoyable.

Lock Shop is sometimes known for its high turnover rate amongst employees, as students are often eager to leave to find a job within the confines of the working environment. Lock Shop has also been the subject of several lawsuits, due to incidences of sexual harassment and abuse by some of the employees. Due to these and other factors, Lock Shop has strict rules and policies in place that are designed to prevent problems from arising. Some of these policies include: having a dress code for all employees, requiring all employees to sign in at the beginning and end of each shift, requiring that all employees register for paid time off, requiring that all employees present a valid ID card for the right to enter the facility and most importantly, requiring students to be accompanied by a current member of the opposite sex when in the facility. It is also important to note that in regards to sexual harassment, if any student feels that he or she has been subjected to any inappropriate conduct, that individual should immediately contact his or her supervisor.

Lock Shop offers classes in many different areas of lock safety. Lock Shop instructors are required to undergo high school level training. During this training program students are taught how to use various types of locks on residential and commercial properties. Lock Shop students are also taught proper deactivation procedures for electronic and keyed locks as well as key duplication and recovery. Lock Shop also instructs the use of PIR sensors and deadbolts on both commercial and residential properties. PIR sensors are often used to prevent unauthorized entry into restricted areas such as near doors, windows and restricted access areas.

Upon successful completion of Lock Shop training, an individual is then qualified to become a fully fledged Locksmith. A Locksmith is not only certified to repair, install and repair commercial locks and deadbolts, but they are also capable of designing and implementing security systems that incorporate both technology and intuition. Locksmiths must also be able to assess and recommend the appropriate solutions to potential security related issues. Some Locksmiths may specialize in repairing particular types of locks such as bank vaults, apartment complex doors and commercial doors. Locksmithing is a growing industry and many Locksmiths today specialize in different aspects such as window locks, ATM locks, CCTV security and more.

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