What Is Pay Per Call Networks?

Pay for call networks is a business that offers a platform for successful pay-per-call marketing campaigns that are based on the interaction between an advertiser and a subscriber. The pay for call network facilitates the ease of a subscriber to connect with a particular advertiser through a pay as you go mobile platform. The advertiser pays the network once a subscriber has called and successfully agreed to purchase any product or service offered by the advertiser on the network.

Pay for call networks have proven time and again to be very effective in generating leads for various companies. With the huge population of cellular users, the network can connect with them very easily, thus enabling a direct sale of the advertiser’s product or service.

There are three types of call centers: Pay Per Call, Pay Per Action, and Pay Per Lead. Each one of these call centers is unique in the sense that it caters to specific types of clients. The most popular type is the Pay Per Action center. Here the client logs onto the call center’s website, answers some basic questions, submits their name, contact information, etc., and then agrees to an SMS message containing a pre-written script that the advertiser will use to make an immediate sales pitch.

These call centers usually charge a small fee every time they make an advertisement available on their websites to clients that want to subscribe to their services. This fee is usually well worth the amount of money that is saved when an advertisement can be made available immediately.

Some pay for call centers also includes a feature whereby, if a client prefers to hear a live operator rather than an automated script, he or she can opt-out of the automatic messaging. These are usually called auto-attendant centers and charge additional fees. Auto-attendant centers are ideal for smaller clients who prefer not to talk to an automated agent. Most call centers have some type of in-house toll-free number that can be called to receive support.

Pay per call networks can be used by just about anybody who is interested in generating leads through advertising. The networks are ideal for small businesses that do not have the budget for traditional marketing and wish to make the most of their limited funds. Many networks also offer a free trial period to get the hang of their system before making a commitment to a long term deal. Some also provide a money-back guarantee to protect themselves in case the client is not completely satisfied with the results.

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