Physical Therapy Specialists: An Introduction to PT Courses

Grampus Pallaska, DPT, PT, was with Plymouth Physical Therapists from 2020-present, working as a PT technician while completing his bachelor’s degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. In addition to his Bachelor’s Degree, he also holds an Associates Degree in Education with a focus on Education in Special Education, which he earned with great success.

Prior to entering the PT profession, Gramus graduated from the Wayne State University School of Nursing. During his education, he was involved in clinical training in addition to general education courses. During this time, he gained experience in working with children and in a wide variety of health care settings, such as the Michigan Department of Health.

Grampus worked as a PT technician for several years before he chose to specialize in orthopedic surgery. Although there was a great deal of training involved in learning to perform surgeries, he found that some of the things he learned didn’t translate well into orthopedic surgery. Instead, he decided to pursue an education in rehabilitation therapy. In doing so, he learned the concepts of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pediatric rehabilitation, kinesiology, and many other medical practices. It was during this time that he discovered the value of the internet.

One of the benefits of studying through a program at a vocational school for physical therapy specialists is that it gives students hands-on training. In particular, learning about hands-on work gives students a sense of accomplishment as they work alongside fellow students in a learning environment. Because of this, students are more likely to choose a career within a particular field of study rather than opting for a more generalized program. This is another advantage of learning by working in a program that focuses on a specific area of learning.

For students interested in pursuing a career within a physical therapy specialists field, gaining a diploma from a local community college may be your best option. Since most programs do not require prerequisites, students who have no prior work experience or education can pursue an education. In addition, since these programs are often offered on a part-time basis, students will be given the opportunity to learn while working and saving up money.

The program at Plymouth Physical Therapists focuses on teaching students how to work with children in a fun and interactive manner, which is another reason why many students choose to study here. If you are considering a program that helps people regain their mobility or function in a positive and healthy way, this may be an ideal program for you.

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