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“SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – San Francisco Bay Area physical therapy specialists say they’re on a “never-have-to-be-needed” mission: To achieve Physical Therapy Management Excellence (PME) in every city in the Bay Area! PME is defined as, “the highest level of excellence in physical therapy management in an organization or facility.” In fact, PME is a measure of excellence and not just the best of all worlds!

Our team of certified physical therapy managers is dedicated to achieving PME in every city in the Bay Area! Our “goal” is “to deliver excellence that is measured and documented in every region of San Francisco.” The first step in achieving this goal is to assess and improve the service to our patients. We work with our clients to determine what services are most important to them and what areas of the health care community they need to be engaged in.

As we meet our clients, we often find that they are struggling with many types of pain or injury and that there is a wide array of symptoms associated with chronic pain or injury. Our first step is to identify the pain or injury and its cause and, in doing so, we begin to map out the necessary changes and improvements in the physical therapy management and/physical therapy practice of our clients.

For example, if our client is having difficulty using his hand-held mobility aids, we ask what he would like to have in his mobility aide (i.e. a mobility scooter, cane, wheelchair or walkers or to have more space on his wheelchair at home, in the home or on his way home from the hospital, the mental picture of a home/car/motorized unit may help us identify a solution.

We also have to take into consideration our client’s needs. Sometimes we might ask, “What are his interests?”

What will make his life easier? Would a specialized chair for someone with a broken hip, make it easier for them at home or to move around with their dog? What would be a better solution for his arthritis or back pain?

Once we have identified what our client’s needs are, we then have to think of a solution to those needs in terms of our “PME mission.” It’s our responsibility to create an action plan that will make those needs come true.

As part of our PME mission, we must also be committed to continually improve our physical therapy practice. This means that we have to continue to educate ourselves in the latest techniques and tools that will better serve our patients.

We must keep abreast of the latest information about pain relief and how it applies to our physical therapy management. We also have to continually seek out opportunities to expand our scope of practice in order to increase our understanding of pain and injury management.

Our PME team will need to constantly evaluate the performance of our physical therapy practice in light of our “mission.” The “mission” can include anything from expanding the area of physical therapy that we offer to provide better education to the people who use our services. to our team members, to simply staying abreast of the latest techniques in pain relief.

As a physical therapy manager, we need to be willing to ask questions and have the willingness to get answers. We must be willing to follow up with our team members. To keep abreast of the latest news in the physical therapy field.

We must also be committed to improving our physical therapy management and practice. By being accountable and continuing to learn about the latest findings in our field, we can help our clients achieve more health and well-being.

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